Keltie Lane

about me.

As a mother of two I know how easy it is to get bogged down in the tasks of everyday living and forget to drink in the moments.  To lock in the memories.  It's easier to push aside the thought that one day my parents won't be around.  Rather than accept that they will be gone, their memories with them.

Living with regret that I didn't ask my parents enough about their lives, that I didn't document their life story in some way for my children and my future grandchildren troubled me.  Life Story Productions was born out of a desire to promote the importance of families creating their own time capsules.  Capturing life stories that can be passed on to future generations.

I've always loved storytelling.  Ever since I was a child.  I turned that passion into a profession working for twelve years as a television producer and director.

Starting my career at the BBC in London, I worked on a variety of entertainment programmes before moving to Sydney in 2004 where I continued working on a multitude of television productions including the SBS show 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

I have a BA degree in media and have studied at Sydney's AFTRS.

My business premise is simple.  I want to provide people with access to a professional film autobiography production team that honours each storyteller.

why engage me?

As a professional producer/director, I know how to organise and navigate a life story production.  Working alongside an accomplished production team, I have the storytelling techniques and the creative mind to make your life story autobiography or your business story film one that family and friends, clients and employees, will want to watch over and over again.
There's also the time it takes.  What keeps a lot of people from starting or finishing legacy projects is the time involved.  With Life Story Productions you can complete your life story film within a very reasonable timeframe.