how does it work?

It's simple.  We work together to create an outstanding production that honours its storyteller.  The process is in three steps.


Feeling relaxed is key.  

The pre-interview is your opportunity to meet the Director in person, so you can feel at ease on production day. Typically this would take place in the family home.  
Prior to this, you would have been sent a Production Guide to help you focus on those defining moments and anecdotes, those stories you want recorded.  During the pre-interview we review your life in 12 chapters.  You will then work with the Director to decide on appropriate on-camera interview questions.  
This is also the best time to provide photographs or old home movies that you want included.  Each photograph is professionally scanned on-site ensuring the originals stay with you.


Interviews are filmed in a quiet space, usually in the family home.  The multi-camera set-up takes approximately one hour.  


Lighting and audio is critical.  We allow five hours for the interview itself with time for a short break.  All footage is shot on professional HD cameras.  We also use a unique technology called Eye Direct for a truly engaging experience.

If you're camera shy and have opted for a voice-over narrated life story production, set-up time is only 20 minutes.  This production format is also more affordable.



This is where it all comes together.  In the edit.  


We combine your interview with photographs, archival vision, music and family tree graphics to create your life story film.  


For ease of sharing, you'll receive it in multiple formats.  Two custom USB flash drive copies in a keepsake box and as an upload to a password protected video website that you can email to friends, family and clients.